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I'm Nora.





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I'm a fresh transplant to Brooklyn, having recently earned my B.A. in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado, where I studied under Ryan Driscoll and John Leonard. I also studied in UNC School of Music's Jazz Studies (Vocal Performance) department, under Marion Powers.

I've spent my entire life honing my skills as a musician; I started my formal vocal performance training at a very young age, and I have the technique (in primarily MT and pop styles) to show for it. I've also arranged professionally for a cappella groups in the past. 

I'd describe my singing/songwriting style as. . . poetic sadgirl indie pop. I take inspiration from a ton of places musically (I have great taste, and I encourage you to check out my lovingly curated playlists).


I'm an intermediate pop/jazz influenced pianist-- and by that, I mean that I accidentally made my way through years of formal piano training doing everything by ear instead of actually reading the music. Tl;dr: I'm great at hearing/interpreting chords and groove. I'm studying my practical theory.

I have a great ear and a great eye. I'm an interior design hobbyist and an aspiring personal stylist. I love animals. I work for a cafè and also for a gift store during the day. And I'm a Magus Necromancer on Wizard101.

General info

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