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Review: Some Like It Hot (Broadway)

May 30, 2023

I didn’t know much about this show going into it, thus, I spent most of it waiting for the transphobic shoe to drop. And guess what, it never did!

Well, I don’t know never. There’s something to be said for making a Broadway musical based on a movie where the entire plot is the man-in-a-dress trope (especially when there’s more than enough original musicals being written by trans people that are ripe for production but I digress), however the show navigated those waters relatively well.

Great performances by the entire cast, J. Harrison Ghee being the huge standout (obviously). Of Christian Borle’s work, this is probably not the first show I would’ve picked to see him in, but I’m still glad I did!

The structure and composition of the show give classic, digestible, Golden Age vibes; which feels very intentional. As far as the production itself, it was inoffensive. A show the whole family could enjoy.

I imagine production probably knew they had to make the overall picture of the show easy to swallow, due to the fact that a lot of Broadway audiences are from demographics who aren’t as used to their protagonists ending up trans and happy. Or they just wanted to make a golden-age style show where Queer people get to live happily ever after! That would be nice. Either way, I had a pretty good time.

Did I cry: Yes

Photo by Marc J. Franklin

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